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Report Sample

Good day! I have to make a report and issue a certificate of a large lot of polished emeralds-about 20 thousand carats. Stones will range in size from 2 to 10ct/several cuts. I\’m having quite a hard time trying to figure out how I could possibly issue one single certificate for all the stones, considering they are all quality-A/AA. I would greatly appreciate if you help me on this matter. Best regards, Wander Agacci Matuk. Whatsaap: +55 47 999232456

There is no way to do this and someone is trying to use you. To do an appraisal, you would have to describe the individual gem and give its dimensions, quality (clarity, weight, color) and a photo of it. This is typically how an appraisal is done. There is no way for you to provide all this info on all these gems. An appraisal should cost ~$200-$300 for a stone. IDK what they are offering you to “certify” 20,000cts of stones, but there is no way to do so in one document, as you couldn’t weigh and measure and photograph them all and appraise each individually. You could make a statement about the average quality of a parcel, but there is no way you could assure a buyer that all the stones were there and none were left out or switched. As I said, someone is trying to use you and probably defraud a buyer, too. As a professional, you should state your terms and working conditions for appraisals and the customer can choose to use your services or not. Doing an “appraisal” like this marks you as someone unprofessional and I wouldn’t touch it. You won’t do your reputation any good. -royjohn

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