Removing scratches from a gemstone?

I purchased several hundred gemstones from someone who bought them from an estate sale. Many of the stones are in excellent condition but, there are many that are scratched. Some show signs of everyday wear and tear while others are seriously scratched, chipped, cracked or just damaged beyond repair. Does anyone know how I can remove the simple wear and tear, marks? These are the ones that are barely noticeable and more often appear only on the edge of the table. What about when the cullet has been broken off? Just the very tip. I didn’t even notice it, only when, by chance, I somehow ran it against my finger and found it wasn’t smooth. That’s when I realized it was broken off. Is there a way to smooth it?
Any answers that anyone can share would be appreciated and certainly most welcome. Thank you. Teri


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If you are talking about faceted stones rather than cabbed, there really isn’t any way to take out minimal wear marks without some professional recutting. If you google “the gem doctor” you will find Anthony Lloyd Rees, the dean of professional gem recutters. He has a list of professional recutters on his website and you can ask questions there or find some folks to give you some quotes. If the wear is only at the table facet, that is the least expensive repair, $50 to $150 depending on who you ask. Wear all over the crown requires recutting the whole crown, maybe $150 to $250. If the cullet is chipped, the cutter might just make a facet there and charge $50. Not the most elegant repair, but the stone is saleable. There is some weight loss with recutting, maybe 5% for repolish the table, to 30% for recutting the whole stone and taking out a chip caused by setting damage, for instance. Stones that have been really damaged will be priced as rough…if there is substantial damage, the price is lower than if you could consider the damaged stone a “preform”. This is about 20% yield compared to maybe 50% to 80%.
So with cheap stones, sometimes it isn’t worth it to recut, they are just rough, sold at rough prices. Amateur faceters would like to get these and some will cut anything. You could possibly find someone at the local gem society who will look at the damaged stones for you. Ask around for the group’s best faceter. -royjohn

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