Removing hard crust from amethyst

Hi, I’m wanting to know a good, safe and reliable method to remove the hard concrete like substance around amethyst crystals. I read somewhere about soaking it in vinegar. I did this for a few weeks and it didn’t seem to work well.
I’ve used soapy water and abrasive scourer, soaking in vinegar and even tried chipping it off.
Any advice?

Hi there,

CLR is available at most chain grocery stores. I was told it is the only way except grinding it off. Just soak it in the CLR I don’t believe it will it will hurt the stone.

Good Luck!!

I would cut it with a gem saw

Ah ok, not sure I can get CLR here in Cambodia lol


Soak it in a glycolic acid solution; link to DuPont Chemical white sheet below. If that doesn’t do the trick soak it in a citric acid solution. Both options are less costic than using muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid).

Thomas Harter