Red Spinel Auction Mogok Myanmar

Hi forum visitors, just thought I would share a few photo’s of a Red Spinel Auction we visited in Mogok Myanmar 2015. This Mine owner only holds 1 Red Spinel Auction per year and buyers come from Thailand, China and mainstream Myanmar.
We could look and take photo’s but could not put in any bids.
Mind you some of the Lots may go as high as $50,000 USD or more so we were told.
this was a silent auction each group had a look at all the lots at the tables and them put a bid into the respective bottle for the numbered lot.

Thanks for the sharing. Do you mind if I ask you the name and location of the Mine as I might have a chance to go and visit there next year?


Hello Sai, I was on a gem tour and did not get where the actual mine was in Mogok as where the auction was was actually an old mine where the owner of the mine had built their house. If you are going into Mogok you will need special permission from the Government to actually go there 'Foreigners are not allowed to go there without permission" and they have check points about 50 kilometres outside of Mogok to check vehicles and passengers… Our tour guides organised all this for us…

Hi syd-prickett, Thank you for the valuable information.


not a problem Sai, I will send you a private message and advise of the gem tour guide who we went on our tour with, he has information on the guide from Myanmar who arranged all of our mine visits and entry to Mogok.