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Red jade is natural?

If posible to get red jade in natural stone … exist?

In wich country we can find that color. And is expensive? Thanks a lot

Hi have a look at this GIA youtube
Jadeite’s Color Range in Lavender and Red by GIA - YouTube

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you can also go onto the gemstone encyclopedia here in IGS and read about jadeite as well


These days Im always checking IGS docs before looking elsewhere for information lol

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Thanks a lot… I enter here and only says that almost all the red jade is color … but don’t says locations or where to buy… or if is expensive … GIA have less information … is rare … in internet I can’t find information.

I currently have an abundance of Mason Kay, inc certified grade A red jadeite beads i would be willing to sell in about a week. I’m still currently designing 3 pieces with them and am not sure how much I’ll need to finish. I’ll know very soon though. I’m sure your wanting raw, and I could only suggest trying to see if any Myanmar distributors would be willing to sell. I could also guide you to a couple other places if I know more about what exactly it is you would like. I know you want red jadeite, but how much of it? Im what form (finished jewelry, cut loose, loose uncut, raw)? What is your budget? How much h do you want to spend because? because jadeite is arguably one of, if not the most expensive gemstone im the world right now. What quality of red jadeite do you want? So on and so forth. I’ll help if I can. Sometimes I don’t stop in here for a couple of weeks…you old Email me I

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Mason Kay, Inc is also a great source for anything jadeite. I would call and ask for Jeff Mason. He is the owner.

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