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Red Apatite

Gday Folks,

So I scored me a rather rare Red Apatite. Seems like Im drawn to rare stones of late hehe. It was sold to me as a VS, though Im leaning more to the SI1/2. Some opinions on thoughts would be cool.

And another query. Im not real confident on the gem colour evaluating. All those letters n numbers get me lost lol. Would this be simply red? Im going with slightly pinky red, or is it closer to orangey red? As there is so little info on Red Apatite I really dont know what the correct colour hue would be? Going with Tone of 6-7, saturation at 5.

Having fun trying to get a decent value for it too…sitting around the US$13-1400 give or take? Its apparently treatment free, and 3.37ct.

Any corrections, thoughts and opinions, throw em at me :100: I havent got round to taking any pics yet. Another thing to learn in a steep curve, and that I apparently suck at though I only have the standard lens on my camera, no macro. I just snipped a couple shots out of the vid the supplier gave me for the sake of this topic…

Red Appetite 1
Red Appetite 2
Red Appetite 3
Red Appetite 4
Red Appetite 5
Red Appetite 6

Not showing the color of red or mention of it, so what do you have? You need to check the refractive index, where did you buy it, is the seller reliable? what part of the world is it from?

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Hi Techaa…it was discovered in 2014. I dont have any tools for testing/identifying stones at this point. I have bought from the seller before, sent the things off for valuation and all was good so yes I trust him. I did some research before I bought it. This video kind of rounds it all up in a couple of minutes…