Recent trip to Mogok mine Myanmar

Hi, just thought I would share a video of a mine in Mongol we got to visit early this year as you will see they are moving mountains to get very little in return this is ruby sapphire mine the tents on the base area are covering shafts 130 feet deep leading to tunnels sapphire ruby are found in host of calcite

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Hi sorry could not upload video



Hi hoping this video will load this is the mine in Mogok


How much do these people earn?

Hi, the workers earn 10% of what comes out of the mine after sale, you must remember this is Burma/Myanmar
the only thing Mogok has got is its gems nothing else and they are in very short supply now
I must say that on our trip the people were very friendly and to us were happy. we had a lot of people trying to sell us gemstone at the markets there. And even in Mogok if your not careful you will come away with a piece of synthetic or glass which some of our tour group discovered after buying rough gemstone


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Hi gem loving crowd,

Is there anyone Who buys gem stones?I am from Ratnapura city(city of gems in meaning of the name of the city) which provides the most precious and a large number of gem stones to the world.We do not have international buyers although we have thousand of gems to be sold whereas a few local buyers who have the direct contacts with the international buyers are trying to get the gem stones from local sellers for very low prices.
I hope that somebody would help me with this matter whereas we can do a great deal of benefit making business in cooperation.I can send the pictures of the gem stones and information on the gems we have.I have attached a few pictures of a royal blue colour blue sapphire cut and polished gem stone along with its certificate and another blue colour rough stone just for the moment which I have at the moment.

Thank you very much in this regard.

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Hi I would be interested to know what asking price for the blue sapphire is
do you sell rough gemstone??

let me know thanks

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Thank you very much for your kind reply first.The rough stone which I have sent is 4300 USD and the other natural cut and polished blue sapphire is 18,248 USD.Natural unheated royal blue colour gem stones are very rare.It usually goes for a very very high price.If you need more information or photos,I can send you all you need to know or see. is my email id and my whatsapp and phone number is +94 71 720 1400 .If they are conveinient for you to communicate,you can reach me there also.Otherwise here also you can reply me.By the way,I would like to know your name.I am Milan.If you are comfortable,you can type the city of our name and check thousands of gem stones,gem pits and local sellers are there.Most of them are my friends.
Hope to hear from you soon!!

I have missed two things.yes,I sell rough gem stones.I can get you as many as you want.The other thing is I had sent the certificate of the blue sapphire here earlier in my fist message.

Hello Milan ,Those prices you quote are very expensive for someone to purchase -even the rough-especially if someone is now starting outlike .You have thousands and thousands of stones why the extreme price per carat?It is very strange to have those rediculouly high prices for a place like Sri Lanka ,the hub and origin of those stones-even prices in Europe and North America are less.When you purchase those stones for those prices, who are going to purchase it so as to sell to make a profit -if at all you can realize a profit…

I would advise anyone here who is purchasing any stones etc online to be very careful.
Best bet is to go personnally with a gemologist or someone who is well versed in gem stones and also get a certificate from a well recongnized Lab( like GIA).
Thank You.

Hi…I just saw your post…I am really sorry for my late reply.Yes,I sell rough as well.I inboxed you some updates.

Thank you
Milan Ruvinsa