Recent lab emerald acquired

i’ve recently bought a lab created Emerald which is about 10 carats from a shop on Etsy and they claim that it is a lab created Colombian emerald and it arrived recently. It is wonderfully cut

and nice and green that you would expect for a Colombian emerald, but my question is, is it genuine or is it just a piece of glass that has been faceted to look like an emerald?

Sorry to say this, you seem a little confused, but it’s what it say’s it is, lab created, man made, synthetic, all the words you know for NOT a genuine Emerald. I’m not sure how the location makes any difference, but I hope you didn’t pay a lot for it.

No I’m not confused. I know what lab created means. I’m asking how can I confirm its Beryl and not silica glass.

It’s still an Emerald if it’s green Beryl.

Yes you are right, lab emerald and man made glass are 2 different things, both synthetic, but the lab emerald would be a little more valuable. Also there is different type of processes to create lab emerald/beryl that have different value as well. And by Columbian, I think they only meant that as its color, not necessarily the location witch it was made. Standard gemological test can tell if it’s syn. Emerald vs. glass.

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test specific gravity and refraction…glass is lower in both cases…lead glass is heavier. Swarovski crystal glass has been lead free since 2012. If it’s labeled lab created it should be lab created and not natural.
lab created emeralds are grown both by hydrothermal and flux fusion methods. Each methods has characteristic inclusions… 10- 40X magnification will be sufficient to see the inclusions.

did you ever get the answer to your question.? I did forget to mention that the easiest way to test glass is to see whether it scratches glass easily… glass has varying hardnesses and will all scratch each other but a beryl will scratch glass very easily.