Recent experiences On Rough or Faceted Gems purchases From Pakistan, Afganistan region . See Below for full in depth question

The process of buying rough gems in Pakistan, Afganistan, prices of rough gem in the regions for good to fine color , normal fees that are encountered to have cutter in the region . If you are in the states and have gone thru the process of finding, purchasing , getting the rough cut, polished and shipped into the states. Please tell us your process and how it went , profits , how many grams/ ct were purchased, what was the final carat count once delivered, was the product as good of clean as the seller showed in pictures did you pay in full to start the process , pay half down to get product moved to cutter, Were you ever in fear of the someone involved in deal would keep a portion of your faceted gems and they say you had more loss at cutting than you really had. Have you found anyone that is willing to consign or credit inventory? Last but not least,what are ways to keep track of your rough gems while at cutter. Like a chain of custody .



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Hello Elijah,

I understand from several of my sources it is difficult to purchase gemstones from Afghanistan now since the Taliban has taken over. In fact, it fairly dangerous there.

It was difficult for Mr. Bowersox, author of Gemstones of Afghanistan, to travel to and purchase in person Gemstones from the local people who owned the mines in his time. I have his book and have read it.

It seems you cut rough. May I suggest that you import rough from mine owners (if possible) there in Afghanistan? Then you can cut it here at your cutting room.

Instagram is a good source of leads. I did find 1 Pakistan vendor of Afghanistan Gemstones on Twitter.

Let me know if you would like me to share in private my sources for Afghanistan gemstones.

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Linda Fitzwater, GIA AJP
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Hi Suzanne,

Thank you so much for your response. I would absolutely like to contact a few new sources that have been vetted. In Pakistan , Afghanistan, i have market buyers mostly and 2 guys who are closer to the extractions.

I just got a very nice small parcel of peridot , large size mostly 9-22 Gram pieces. On this one i was able to 500 grams,

I have been getting beautiful tourmaline facetable rough. There are several other specimens in that region that I am looking to obtain.

So , again thank you for entrusting me with those possible sources.

Elijah Quin

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Linda Fitzwater, GIA AJP