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Reason for rainbow effect in Paraiba Tourmaline


Dear Experts,
Today I received a few paraiba tourmaline videos from one of the sellers. One of gem caught my attention, because of its rainbow effect on one side of the gem, Does this mean it has been clarity enhanced as done in diamonds?

Here is the link


Cannot really pick up the rainbow effect from the video, normally if a gemstone or crystal shows a rainbow effect it would suggest it has a fracture in the gem,


No. This is an iridescence being caused by very short distance fine fractures inside the stone. IF there are no surface breaking inclusions then there is also no way to get molten glass into the stone. Paraiba’s from Mozambique are well known to have ghost inclusions in them as well. Those types of inclusions look eye clean in one direction and become eye visible in other directions. The good part is that the ghost inclusion is proof that the stone is natural and probably from Mozambique. I have a 9.6 carat oval Paraiba tourmaline with a GIA origin report stating from Mozambique that has a beautiful ghost inclusion in the center of the stone. I hope the above information is useful to you. Michael at in Las Vegas :smiley: