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Real demantoid garnet values

I’ve seen a crazy variety in valus/prices for demantoid garnet, and am trying to figure out how to estimate what i have is worth. I imported around 15g worth (18 pieces of a bit of a size and saturation variety) from Namibia from a known gem dealer. I have one i cut that came out pretty spectacular, a 9 main on a 96 (so asymmetrical) at about 1.75ct. Very dazzling, dispersion like I’ve never seen in anything before. A couple of small inclusions right at pavilion facet edges that aren’t naked eye visible. It’s not for sale anyway but not counting ebay or etsy sellers from India (where it’s probably recycled Heineken bottles) i can’t seem to find much actually for sale in that size range (7.5mm) to compare it with.

Any ideas? Or should I just send it in for GIA certification /appraisal?

About all I can think of would be to shop around and see what similar stones are being sold for.

Assuming all other things being equal (big assumption!).

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If you think it is in the multi-thousand price range it might be worth sending if for the certificate.

It is pretty close, i can’t quite take a decent videos :grin:

Here’s a crappy YouTube of it :joy:

That is pretty!

thanks, i’m a dispersion junkie :smiley:

I bought a 1.69ct Russian demantoid from Ramon Tesoro in 2021. The color and cut are excellent, and it has a lovely horsetail. I paid $1,400 USD.

I suppose I should send it in to gia

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