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Re-Doping a 95% completed stone


I used to use Wax, but rarely anymore. Superglue. Tired of having stones fall off (Only happened maybe 10 times - 10 times too many), and typically happens when I’m almost done polishing! Only been able to get back aligned once - so far, and it still was not perfect by far. Anyone have a trick to doing this? Not that big a deal if early on, but toward the end is horrible. Really sad when it’s an expensive stone. I’ve seen and read about doing it with an “early fall off” but never when final polishing. Thanks.


Hi again nontavitch
Using just super glue onto a dop is usually not that very efficient. Most superglues require perfect contact, though some do have gap filling abilities, however, one can use the method of wax by forming a perfect mirror image of the gem you wish to transfer.
i.e. Once you have the dops in the transfer jig (assuming you have some melted wax on the other dop) make the wax slightly soft and push into the gemstone and pull away again. This will form a mirror finish (impression) of the pav/crown. Now all you have to do is place a drop of superglue onto the wax impression and push the dop into the gemstone. Leave for about 60 seconds and you should be OK to remove the other dop from the transfer and continue with your faceting. One other thing might be advisable (though I never found a problem) is to paint the joint with finger nail polish. This will prevent water from weakening the bond.
Regards Trevor


Thanks Trevor. I’ve done several hundred stones, mostly with wax. Started using Superglue a few months ago and loved it. That was until recently when I’ve had several occasions where the Pavilion dop (Cone/Trillion/Oval) have been falling off! No problem with the Flat dop on the table, but just not working on the Pav Dops lately? I finally just waxed the pav dop and working on now. I Will try your method next time though (Maybe even this time if it drops again!). I’m even wondering if the Acetone fumes are weakening the top Dop connection?? I just started this method, where I put the “Double Dopped” Stone in a 45 degree dop, then drop it into an acetone filled cup, making sure the Acetone doesn’t go above the Girdle. Was working great! The bottom dop would just fall off when ready (Hr or 2). Could it be though, that the fumes would loosen my top joint??? I’ll try your way though and hopefully get a better bond. Thanks Trevor. Tony.


Hi Tony
Yep! The fumes from acetone will definitely get into superglue rather quickly. It is one of the best thinners to release cyno’s and also good on epoxies.


Hi again Trev,
So will heat release it? Wrap the “Keep” end with water soaked towel paper just like wax? Then clean up with acetone.


Acetone will release both faceting wax and superglue. If you are using heat, just heat the dopstick near the stone end and you could easily pull it apart. The new faceting wax I am using at the moment melts rather easily, which really doesn’t make me all that happy, however, with gems like fluorite - you don’t use it. use epoxy and acetone. Cheers :slight_smile:


So, what’s the best way to release the side with Glue, Heat? I’m not sure how to release with acetone without effecting the other side? Which is the problem I’m having. Thanks.


Yes! you will have to use heat, but only heat the dopstick itself near the junction and then slowly revolve the dop until it lets go.