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Rare investment grade old mine colombian emerald


Recently one of my gem dealer friend asked my opinion about rare Emerald and what should be its price.
I have always heard old mine Myanmar (Burma) Ruby but never heard about old mine Emerald until this gem came in my hand for sale where GRS has given special report where its mentioned OLD mine Emerald.

Gemstone is dark very bluish green no black oil inclusion or cloud in it, some feathers you can see best its NO OIL super clean you can classify this gems AAA+.

Please share your thoughts.

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Looks nice worth looking into . I will not give a prices with out stone in hand no one i know would. With that said age and provenace of a stone give it some ( or a lot, rarely and with a lot of work) extra value . If you do buy it buy it for the worth of the stone not the story. Best of luck and skill to you …


This is basically a marketing scam. No lab in the world can tell you which mine emeralds came from in Colombia, nor if they are from an old mine or new mine. Note the upper comment “reminiscent in hue” and the lower comment “it does not specify from which particular mine they were found.” Also, it is NOT NO OIL. The report clearly states CE (O) which translates to Clarity Enhancement: OIL. Shameful misrepresentation such as this gives our precious trade a bad reputation.


For your information this is not a marketing scam. As the report states that there are no enhancements, CE(O) is INSIGNIFICANT. And regarding the origin, the report CLEARLY indicates its origin as Columbia. The hue represents the characteristics reminiscent to the Muzo mines.
It really bothers me to see such negative remarks where the prestigious lab like GRS is challenged.


Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry you seem offended at me pointing out obvious facts to you. INSIGNIFICANT does NOT mean NO ENHANCEMENT (see attached).

The GRS report essentially says the color of this Colombian emerald reminds them of emeralds that used to come from the Muzo mine a long time ago, but GRS really has no clue what mine in Colombia it came from, or when it was mined.

This is, in my opinion, gemologically meaningless information designed to make the buyer think the emerald is possibly more valuable than it really is. Therefore, it is my opinion this is a marketing scam.

BTW, GRS lab in Bangkok is a few minutes walk from my office, and I typically see Dr.Peretti several times every month.


Kindly don’t disregard or discredit other people’s item.
As buyers and sellers, we all trust and rely on lab reports.
According to GRS, they believe this could be mined from Muzo and hence you can’t negate this fact just to satisfy your own apprehensions.
Stop trolling us with your "marketing scam " agenda. The report is 100 percent authentic and this rare gem is sourced from a genuine person who has had it in his possession for over 20 years.
No buyer will ever buy a product if he is not satisfied with it.
Check similar item on eBay listed for sale for 400K. Ebay item
Hope this will give you some insight.
I wondering what Dr. Peretti must be thinking about you after knowing that you have such low regards pertaining to his lab findings.


You titled your post “Rare investment grade old mine colombian emerald”

#1. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law definition of “investment” is “The placement of a particular sum of money in business ventures, real estate, or Securities of a permanent nature so that it will produce an income” or “money put into use for profit, or the property or business interest purchased for profit”.

To represent your emerald as an “investment” meaning the buyer can expect income or profit by purchasing it, is fraudulent misrepresentation.

#2. You have absolutely ZERO evidence your emerald is “old mine”. This statement is fraudulent.

#3. I find Dr. Peretti’s GRS lab findings to be accurate. It is you who seem to have misinterpreted and misrepresented them.

To demonstrate I am not merely a mysterious “troll”, my name is Jeffery Bergman of Primagem, Silom soi 19, Bangkok, Thailand, wholesale gem trader, gemologist, author, frequent guest speaker on gems and gemology topics with 48 years experience in the trade.


LOL I am a troll 6"7’ 290lb swing an ax . chainsaw. rock drill, pick and shovel. I often cut my own gems and set them in items i have made myself not just jewelry . When I sell a piece I will some times tell a story of how I found the stone , cut the stone or about the piece it is set in. AT this point it is art to me and art often has a story.But I know the story first person. In the end I sell by the gram and the number of hours plus mark up. When gems are sold and I hear an implied or inferred statement I stop and listen some times you learn things .Like Jeffery dose not live under a rock ( not that I thought you did ). Like it or not we are now part of the story of this stone whether or not this part is told I do not care .This is the kind of mess implied or inferred statements bring to a story, best not to use them .Oh and when story time comes I buy drinks with pocket money ( I am a Troll remember) my wallet stays in the truck with the dog (Dog dose not buy story)


We don’t sell our gems on fraudulent statements. We are in to this business since two generations.
It is very rare to find this kind of gem with the proof of the GRS reports stating that it could have been mined from the old mine.
It can definitely be profitable to the one who buys it, how do you think giants like Christie and Sotheby make profits. They are always on a look out for these kind of gems.
‘Rare gems have a good history of increasing in value over time’, as per AJS gems on their website.
Check out any reputable websites selling gemstones, which have a section of ‘investment grade gemstones’. Do you think those are fraudulent too.
There is no compulsion on anyone to buy. In this forum you can put your opinion whether you like it or not but backlashing and calling it a market scam was not very kind.
We are a reputable company and don’t fleece people of their money. You buy what you see and if not satisfied, you get a full refund.


You stated is was old mine. You did not state is was “possibly” old mine, which also means it is possibly NOT old mine.

You stated it was NO OIL. It is NOT NO OIL.

These are fraudulent statements in a court of law.

Admit your errors and regain some respect.


In regard to this entire conversation, what you have missed from the very start jbergman is that he was asked his opinion about this piece. He is not in this case offering it for sale, nor is he trying to place a definitive answer on the price. He, like his friend the other gemstone dealer is asking for opinion on the piece, and clarification on the matters disclosed in his query as pertains to the information in the gemstone report. The arguement this has become is at best unprofessional. You are both in error, should appologize to each other and conduct any further discussion in a civilized manner. He is asking for OPINION, not trying to sell the stone, nothing contained here is in any way fraudulent in any court of law.


Umm hmmm yes he is trying to sell it just click on the link in his own post.



Although you only asked for opinions on the gem, this gem is in fact for sale on your website through the link you provided. I’m moving this post to the For Sale category.

Thank you all for your comments.