Rare gemstone

I have a recently fallen in love with Grandiderite and was wondering how much half to one carats size would cost vvs clarity and a nice blue color?


You can look into price guide available at net

Hi it would be very unlikely that you would pick up a VVS piece of Grandiderite

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Hello 861abhishek,

You have excellent taste. Grandiderite with the deepest, brightest color is the most valued.

Can you post a photo of your Grandiderite for us to see?


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I have the piece if you want to see let me know with a GIL certificate

I actually dont know how to post a picture can you help me out?
the colour is more like a neon blue colour

Hi if you have a photo J peg etc all you have to do is pot the mouse over the upload symbol at the top of the reply box, once you have done this you can just pick it up and drop it into the attachment area.


Thank you!! Gotcha

here’s a picture I’ve a GIL certificate of this as well and I also have a .16 carats one flawless to vvsi clarity and more saturated one

That is a beautiful Grandiderite for sure. 1/2Carat stone vvs and better is hard to find that has not been heated at a decent price. I have seen them go for a few hundred USD with a fair cut and polish at that size on line. I have also seen them go for as little as $50 USD also. Of course I do not trust those dealers. Grandiderite is one of my favorite stones. I see .15Carat cvs going for $9.99 USD at some decent dealers lately though. I have not purchased any of those stones because I have not been in the market for them right now and hoping the price will go down. I know that is not what you want to hear. Grandiderite is one of those stones that we just do not know how much is left in the ground so hang in there and keep buying the best that you can when you can.
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