Rare excellent fossils & relics

I have a large amount of preserved remain fossils that im selling that are in excellent condition and preserved down to every detail. Only a handful of them I have cleaned up nearly all them are in its natural state just like it come out of the ground . Most of them are just the head portions but there are several hole pieces which are some birds but I have snake heads Birds tortoise heads and many other things I’m not quite sure of but they are a fossil for sure because I have eyes and teeth and what not and you can see their bone structure and all where they’re broke at. If you’re interested message me and if you see something that you have a question about I’ll be glad to answer them for you also if you have something else that you’re interested in let me know and there’s a good chance that I might have it if it’s a small animals because this is only a very small portion of what I have. Also on large purchases I will be donating 10% of the sale to Children facilities across the United States at purchasers request thank you