Rare 58ct Sapphire Appraisal help

Hi everyone,
I recently receive a gift from my dad, a 58ct Sapphire Stone, the origin is in Phan Thiet, Viet Nam. This is the only Sapphire that big in my country. I went to a local jewelry store today and the appraisal is $294,000 worth. I would like to know if I want to sale it, what is my steps and how could I securely procceed a the procedure. Please let me know.

Thank you very much,
Tina Nguyen

If you are looking to sell. , if i was you …and i al sure there are better auction houses. But go to this address

Look into there fees , they are very well aclinqted to current larkzrs in every coubtry. Chexk theur fees. Comlisions ask how the gem will ve stored , secured. Aksi ask them how lo c dies it tqke aftzr sell of Gem for you to get your money.

You need tio chexk markzts. , are you a pro lember ? I did nit check. I am pro member so.i have prive guides and current us market values for axtively traded gemstones . Yours would mist likely vary quite a bit. But a gem stone this size it mist likely woukd be for a collector. So you can check out some collector auction sellers. Tje value they gave you was for u.s. dollars?
Thats an estimated value of $5000 ct

I haven’t seen the gem , or know what country you are in and i cannot switch over to price guide until i close this. You need to determine the grade , clarity
Is it goid color , fine color , is it eye clean.or loupe clean
Also , you need to figure out of the estimated 5000 per carat eval. How much of that 5 grand is present only for the size of your gem.

Other than its something your dad gave you. Maybe check and see if there us anything rare or super special and irreplaceable. . Like the size alone. Lakes it pretty special.

Not saying to do this, but 1-10 ct saphires whole lit easier to sell than a
60 ct sapphire.
You could send it to master cutter. They charge around 65-120 per carat just a thought . But the cutter could break this gem down to manageable ct sizes. Match pair sapphires can go for a pretty penny.what i like about the idea of breaking it down is that you could keep some of the gems have some .75 cts made , you can pass down to your grand kids. Heirloom,

Here is another idea. All pawn shops will give you cash for gemstones. If you ever get into a serious financial issue or some one you love is diagnosed with an illness and you need money now!!!
That sapphire will be your golden ticket.
There is also retirement. Look at how much gold has gone up since 1999, since 2015,
Google 10 ct fine color saphire faceted gemstone prices year if 1975, 1999, 2014.
This will give you a sliding scale. Do the same for sappires. If you can’t find anything. Go thru IGS archives. Find someone who wrote an article. Not a 30 yr old . But a seasoned individual who list likely was in the gemstone studies , business , teachings. . They would know and tell you fairly quick. I am 43. I don’t know those answers. I so know and are friends with jeweler here in Florida. He just retired 2 weeks ago after being in jewelry business for 61 yrs. .
I just registered a new business last week. Elijah Quin is my main operation. Restoring, overhauling vintage mechanical watches. Though i have been around gemstones for 20 plus yrs. It wasnt till 3 month’s ago i decided to add them to a sector of Elijah Quin. , i lake jewelry from wax" lost casting" method. So i always bought gemstones. Only what I needed to use. Now i am preparing to have a respectable ooeration. Buying rough , faceted precious and semi precious gems and selling them ,mostly loose. , but i do have a full studio with wax carving station, wax carving tools , wax mold injectors , neycraft furnace , vacuum tqbles, beadblaster station, over 1000 differerent rubber molds, professional plating station , master jewelers bench. , 2 watchsmith benches, over 5000 gs watch crystals , a 10x10 room just for doing gemstone evaluations. I have a lot of equipment.
Nice presence on fb, ig, twitter , linkdin tic toc and my favorite , youtube. The sister company i set up is called DiamondGemsTV

I will be featuring gems and the businesses , people and communities that are in areas where gels are sourced , the buyers of gemstones before they go to public market. I already have the Yes from my 12 sources, it will be really neat. I out all restored watches and lqdd jewelry on all of my social media. Befire you sell it . Maybe we could do a video confefence call and the can record the feed.

When a patron brings me there grandfathers watch thats from 1910, i restore it beautifully and meticulously. I photo doc all my work. I post all of it including taking works and creating fonts , images , graphics to use for making slides and turning them into short reels 2-7 minutes long , with or with out music. Showing the piece being made or restored from start to finish. Then and i love this part. I give my patron the link to the post , video on youtube , thats something that be looked at anytime ,

Isn’t that neat?

I would do the sale for you if you would allow it . Just 2 people talking and sharing the story. I also have the platform to offer things for sale right on my social media accounts.

Good luck. Let me know if we can get on phone together.

what is your phone number?

1 850 208 5900
850 462 5702

I have also registered DiamondGemsTV. Com , email is contact@diamondgemstv.com. its active but not set up in outlook yet