Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

This phenomenal orthoclase feldspar from a very remote part of Australia which displays both a unique pattern of aventurescence as well as adularescence.
The magic comes from lographically oriented ex solution crystal inclusions of ilimenite & hemotite which are responsible for the colourful aventurescence.


Its nice stuff, seen it around before.

Do you know of any for sale?

The lattice sunstone came from a small mining lease in the remote Harts Range area in the Northern Territory.(approx. 200km north from Alice Springs) The lease was commercially worked out in the 1980’s. Only an area of approx. 30m x 30m produced this stone. At our recent trip we were able to noodle some good specimens. The Harts Range is a fantastic fossicking location with gem quality Zircon, Apatite, Garnet, Feldspar - including sunstone and rainbow lattice, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sphene, Iolite, Epidote and heaps more. This area is very rugged and isolated and any fossicking trips need to be well planned and prepared.

Here are a couple 'photo’s of the site

another shot

I just saw this in Gems & Gemology Spring 2019 edition (page 135). It’s gorgeous!