Question about "White Diamonds"

I have been a gem collector for over 20 years. I’m not professional but have done a great deal of research and always thought of myself as a savvy gem/jewelry buyer and sometimes seller. Recently on Ebay, I purchased a pair of earrings that were labeled “white diamonds.” As most of you probably know, Ebay has a policy that states sellers cannot use the word “diamond” unless selling the real thing (genuine natural diamond). I took the description at face value and thought I was getting diamonds that were white (and the price was reflective of that). When I got the earrings I tested them and they were fake. I sent them back and did get a refund, but the seller berated me, basically accusing me of being stupid because I didn’t know (as probably most general consumers wouldn’t know) a “white diamond” is a fake diamond. I did a google search and was not able to find more than a few vague sentences on this. I am doctorate-level educated and was even the former head of research in the Internal Medicine department at Mayo Clinic so I thought I was pretty good at research, but I must be missing something. Please help educate me.

I am sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately this is all too common at the online buying sites. There is little to no regulation as sellers can manipulate the “trip wires” of terminology to sell their items. Your instincts were right and this seller is wrong. Perhaps if more people were to list their items here we could have a genuine “buying club”

It is common now a days. i feel sad as it happens to you. i think one should do some homework before purchasing jewelry. i want to share some information with you

I’m so sorry about your bad experience. Elizabeth Taylor promoted a scent called White Diamonds. Maybe your seller was trading on that. What a weasel!
Diamonds are diamonds. Colored (“fancy”) stones are rare and very expensive. The Federal Trade Commission has rules about selling gemstones, and they have a pamphlet you can download on their website.
There are white topaz (love those!), white zircon (NOT CZ), and white sapphire. These are all beautiful stones, and I have some in my personal collection.
There is a diamond simulant at called Bella Luce, and another available there and elsewhere called Moissanite. These are really beautiful, and they are available as loose stones and in jewelry.
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but that stone is controlled by a monopoly. Go for beauty, but don’t get suckered.

Thank you all for your replies. I am fully aware of the White Diamonds perfume and all of the other stones that are similar to diamonds (zircon, topaz, etc). I don’t consider myself a “sucker” and actually DO a lot of diligence prior to purchasing. That being said, I did not know that people using the terminology “white diamonds” think that is acceptable nomenclature for a synthetic diamond. It’s deceitful and seller’s words were “EVERYONE knows that White Diamonds are fake.” Hmmm…really? I did get all of my money back and reported them to Ebay which did absolutely nothing with the exception of educating me as to what NOT to buy. Thank you again, and please help to tell others who may not know that people selling “white diamonds” think the general population understands they are synthetic. My guess is the general population think a White Diamond is exactly that. A diamond.

I’ve never ever ever heard of such nomenclature to refer to simulants.