Question about testing authenticity of octagon ruby?

Hi … I have a piece of an octagen RUBY, which being bought by my grandmother 50 years ago. last week, The RUBY claimed by an amateur gemologist as syntetic ruby. I have personally soak the ruby in lemon juice for 48 hours and instead of damage, the ruby become more shining. the ruby so clear that it look like a kristal with beautiful red color. The condition of the ruby still excellent even i have test it scrathing glass, iron , tiles and sand paper. i live in malaysia where the capability of identify high quality ruby, still not advance. pls advise me on the next stage … or any idea to identify it, without going to the malaysian gemologist. according to my friend, the stone is heated natural ruby and the quality is very high… tq.

Frankly, you would do better to work on your command of the English language before you go any further. Your post is incoherent, poorly spelled and linguistically suspect.

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The cutting and colour of your stone very much indicates it is a synthetic, study with a microscope would be the next test, what is seen through the microscope would most certainly indicate natural or synthetic. I would be very happy to do this for you, but you would need to send it to me here in New Zealand
Should you want to contact me my email address is
Graeme Petersen F.G.A.

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