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Quartz polishing

I have acquired some beautiful quartz rough and saw a comment that cerium oxide would not polish it well please would you suggest the best polishing agent for my use,thanks in advance.

Cerium oxide works wonderful on all quartz’s. That’s all I use to polish my quartz stone. But remember it has to be really clean prepolish before moving on to cerium oxide, I usually go from a 3k grit lap to cerium oxide ultra lap with perfect results.


Thank you for your reply I’ll go with that then.

This is a quite timely topic. I have some awesome Quartz coming in now, in fact, it was just shipped today and will be here next week. I am looking forward to making some unusual cuttings with them. (I hope.) I have ordered in some cerium oxide for polishing them with and was wondering the same thing.
All the very best.