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Qualified gemologist info please

Hello everyone, i am looking to find out if the certificate of qualified gemmologist that you can earn from I.G.S, is recognised as a qualification world wide and is respected by the international gems societies? i am currently working my way through the mini courses, before i plunge in for the big one, to become a fully qualified gemologist, can any one advise me please thank you all

It is not like a degree from GIA or FGA of course but it does tell people that you know what you are talking about. I have my own gemstonecompany and it has been a valuable certificate to get the customers satisfaction. With that being said.
I do not certify stones. I only gives opinions. If i find the stone valuable i recommend the client to get it certified by a for example GIA lab.


I have quite a bit to say about this topic, so I hope those interested will take the time to read it.

The IGS Professional Gemologist credential is accepted by NAJA (National Association of Jewelry Appraisers) {for those that want to become Jewelry Appraisers}. I know this because in the past I reached the level of Certified Senior Member in that organization.

At this time the AGA (Accredited Gemologist Association) is not recognizing the IGS Professional Gemologist Credential, but AGA told me that they will if IGS sends them our curriculum. Now the AGS offers excellent Continuing Gemological Education Seminars and can accredit your Gem Lab. It is my humble opinion that the IGS and its Members would benefit greatly by getting its Curriculum and the IGS, PG Credential accredited by the AGA.

A few years back USAA (United Services Automobile Association) was only recognizing the GIA, GG credential for jewelry appraisals for their Military Members. Since I am a Veteran from two different branches of US Military Service, I sent them a letter explaining to them that the GIA School of Gemology was not the only School of Gemology in this country or around the world. After that letter, USAA has not rejected any of my USPAP Compliant Certified Written Jewelry Appraisals.

The IGS Professional Gemologist Credential can be even better than the GIA, GG Credential because you get out of it what you put into it. I have credentials from both schools so I can tell you from personal experience.

The GIA doesn’t “certify” anyone or anything and they tell you so in the small print on their website. The GIA states written opinions on grading in their LAB REPORTS which are incorrectly referred to as “certs” by many people in the trade that should know better.

As a matter of fact, a GIA Lab Report cannot be used or accepted in a court of law because they are Hearsay under the Rules of Evidence. Why? Because they are not signed by anyone that will attest to the information contained in the Report.

I hope this commentary is well taken and that my observations are useful to our IGS Members and all that come across this and read it. :smiley:


Thank you so much for the reply, it has given me a little confidence in my push to learn as much as possible form this web site, i have to confess i love the courses and am learning so much not just course work but for other members
I do hope that IGS send there curriculum to AGA, i am so impressed by your knowledge. and a being a warrior too, your serving in the military is greatly appreciated by all,
I live in Scotland UK, in fact on a remote Scottish island so the courses here on line are perfect for me, at 65 i believe that you are never to old to learn, once again a massive thank you i will push forward with my learning


We, the IGS, contacted AGA years ago because we thought they would be interested in our passionate and growing membership. It is something we could re-visit if there is AGA interest. Our curriculum is available on our website, so they can review it at any time.


Hello Mr. Sanchez and thank you for your positive comments. There is AGA interest!! As a LIFE MEMBER of IGS and IGS, PG … I have been attending the AGA Continuing Professional Education conferences and seminars for years and I have personally spoken to many of the AGA members about getting IGS Accredited.

Since AGA is the Accrediting Body … IGS has to submit their formal curriculum document(s) to the AGS President and Governing Board. Not just expect AGA to go to the IGS website and get the information from there. That simply in not how official accreditation is done or accomplished officially.

I’m going to give you Teri Brossmer, the President of AGA’s phone number and contact information and Key Member of their Board of Governors, Antoinette Matlins (Author of Gem Identification Made Easy) phone number and FAX number to help facilitate what officially needs to be done to get the IGS, PG Credential accredited by the AGA.

Teri Brossmer, GG, MGA (AGA President) phone: (626) 335-6002 website contact: Contact Gem Appraisals Unlimited LLC

Antoinette Matlins, PG, FGA (AGA Board of Governors) phone: (802) 457-5145 FAX: (802) 457-4004.

All of our IGS members will benefit from an AGA accreditation.

Thanks, Sir.

Michael at The Diamond Grader Lab in Las Vegas :smiley:


This is an announcement for the benefit of our IGS Members that wish to receive Continuing Professional Education.

On Thursday, June 9th., 2022 the AGA will be holding an educational conference at the Westin Hotel in Sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a high level educational event about Diamonds. Take a look at the Speakers’ List:

Martin Rapaport, Chairman of the Rapaport (diamond pricing) Group;

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies (makers of diamond planning machines used all over the world) [also the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) Diamond Grading machines];

Tom Moses, GIA Senior Vice President ;

Yun Luo, GIA Director of Metrology and Quality Control ;

I would say if you want to increase your knowledge level about Diamonds and the GIA … Be There.

I will be there and I’m bringing 45 Year Master Colored Stone Cutter Bill Boyce with me to meet with any IGS members that are interested in cutting colored gems and cabs.

You do not have to be an AGA member to attend their Continuing Education Conferences and Seminars.

Here are the links to get tickets to attend the educational event:

I invite the IGS Administrative Staff to attend.

See you there and all the best.

Michael Hutton, PG (IGS), GD (GIA)

cell with texting: (702) 635-7926

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i wish i was able to attend but Scotland is a wee bit of a journey to be able to attend but i love reading comments and learning from you all thank you

the more knowledge you have the better you will be to evaluate gemstones.Equip your self with necessary tools,refractive index,microscope,polorscope,etc. move ahead slowly and it will all come.


techaa great to hear from you, i have got a polariscope and a dichroscope a very old antique spectroscope and am waiting on delivery of a microscope and and refractometer, i am a little nervous of the refractometer as i was told the oil you must use is poisonous??? and you have a special math formula to get the correct refractive index. lol all good to keep the little grey cells working

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