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Puzzled on hydro


Hi the stones are a great deal lighter than the photograph indicates and more transparent… my skill as a photographer is somewhat limited I think!
They are both Hydrogrossular the larger is certified 10.19 the smaller stone is 1.25 !
The price range seems so variable on hydro and these are fairly rare being facettable quality. They are of course for sale by the way but if anyone has experience and can give an indictaion of value I would be very grateful. They are rather pretty stones. Thanks.



The small stone looks like a decent cut and color. The larger one looks like it is a windowed cut and either the polish is very poor and the surface greasy in luster or (more likely) the stone is somewhat lacking in transparency (“sleepy”), which knocks its grade down one step. Also, the color does not appear particularly attractive, it has some brown in the green and it is rather dark. It is not a mint garnet, but a dark tsavorite color. Still, the little one could be worth $300/ct and the larger one in the range of $500/ct, just because it’s tsavorite. However, I’m just guessing, as the photos don’t show the color very well and I can’t see at all whether there are inclusions that would ding the value further. The color of the larger stone would probably be improved by recutting and possibly the polishing is poor, too, I can’t tell whether it is that or lack of transparency, but probably a little of both.

If you want a more realistic idea of what these are worth, get someone to photograph them well and submit those pictures. You can also look for loose stones for sale from vendors on the internet and try to match your stones to some that are pictured. A decent photo should be taken face on and should have enough depth of field to show both the table facet and the tip of the culet clearly. You’re asking for a fairly accurate valuation on stones that could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so spend the time, and a few dollars, if necessary, to get some decent photos. Certainly still cheaper than sending these out to GIA for an eval and then getting a pro appraisal.

Also, consider what you are doing to the value of your stones when you post lousy photos on the net for all to see. You don’t go out without combing your hair in yesterday’s clothes, so don’t do such to your gems, it makes them look “homeless.” Sorry for the rant, but this happens frequently, folks asking for an appraisal here and not giving anyone the tools to work with to produce anything at all accurate. You end up knocking the stones and your own professionalism. It isn’t that hard to learn to take a passable photo. Just some trial and error and perhaps some tips from someone you know who takes good macro shots.


Hi Royjohn,
No you are quite correct my photogrphy is poor, in fact I am awaiting a better comera as I use my phone! Quite right i do not go out without combing my hair. not a rant at all but valuable and appreciate information. When the new camera arrives I will attempt some more pictures. I have some wonderful stones and it is not fair on them or on my professionalism to produce poor marketing. Thank you I appreciate your input and have taken note. We all tend to shy away from our faults and should frankly be prepared to face up to them… better photos will come. And sincerely thank you for the answer it has helped a lot.
Kind regards


And you are right the larger stone is quite clean but does have a greasey lustre whereas the smaller stone has better clarity.
Thanks again appreciated.


Sorry should also have said the cutting is perfect it is my pictures.