Purple rhodolite pricing

Hi. I’m new to this organization but it seems real (IGS).


My question is about pricing. I have discovered that I have a 2.67ct vivid pink to vivid purple rhodolite as described in the above link. It is VS to SI1 in clarity well cut in octagon. I talked to Todd Sr. in Tucson to day and he said the stone (mine) could bring as much as $2600p/c. When I got up off the floor - I said thank you very much and I’ll be in touch.

Does anyone know anything about the pricing of this rare beauty?

Hi Toby!

Welcome to IGS! Appraising color-change gems takes some expertise. For color-changing gems, the farther apart on the color wheel, the more value the stone has. So, a green to red shift (as seen in alexandrite) is the most highly valued. Next, you have to look at the overall percentage of the stone that changes color. For some gems, only 60% of facets change color, which are obviously less valued than a 100% color change. The IGS alexandrite buying guide has some information on how color-change gems are assessed.

Looking at a few sources, $2600/ct might be a bit high, even for a strong and attractive pink/purple color change garnet. It is best to send it in for an appraisal to get a better idea.

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Hi Addison:

Thanks so much for the information. I have sent the stone to Todd Wacks in Tucson. He’s the guy who discovered the stone as color change and has all the known rough. I am attaching a link to his site FYI.
Todd is a GG and worked with GIA on their analysis. He provided the rough which they pulverized for the study. They did an extensive report which has a link on this sight.


Thanks again for your speedy response.

Is this similar to the ‘purple grape garnet ‘ from Mozambique? It also has colour change and almost impossible to get now.
Thanks in advance.