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Purple Garnet from Mozanbican


Would anyone know what is a far price to pay for Faceted purple Garnet from Mozambican Africa?? in US or AUD Dollars, I cut it in a RB. one of Jeff Graham designs
it is med/dark saturation very nice in the light, lot of fire.


Hi sounds like you have a nice stone you have spent time on making it in to a gem. Custom cut gems can fetch 1.5 to 3 times the price of a calibrated gem of the same weight . If you have a large gem and a good clean cut you could get more. when i sell jewelry I try to add the coast of material and the hour rate and mark up. but that is some times hard to do I just did a custom job last week and it took 3 times longer to do the first parts than the last 5 but I had to charge for that and that is the coast of custom work. The cost of materials is the replacement cost not what you got it for ( if its less ) good rough is getting harder to buy. Mark up is up to you 10% just covers what you forgot . Some times I mark down for people I work with a lot 10 to 20% .


Thank you for your reply, it is helpful!