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Prospecting for tourmaline


I tried to upload a pic. Not sure if it worked. I am finding lots of black tourmaline and I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s worth digging to see if there might be something of value there too? Is there something to look for besides schorl to clue a person in on finding other types of tourmaline? The rocks are giant and underground so I cant just go at it by hand.




Black tourmaline is very abundant in market and usually not really worth mining.
Hope this is not a discouragement but a time saver.
Navneet Gems


Yes, I agree. I’m not interested in the black tourmaline. I’m wondering how a person might know if there might be anything of value there with some digging. I’m about a mile from several tourmaline mines like the Himalaya Mine in CA.

I should have been a geologist :slight_smile:



Hi my name is Jimmy , i am close to the Himalaya mine as well. Id keeping looking at what you took those pictures. You never know, i found a nice watermelon chunk by my house.