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Pricing on Kyanite?


Purchased a couple of stone they appear to be Kyanite. They we’re completely misidentified by the seller. The pricing guide doesn’t have Kyanite listed. The test inidicate it has an RI of ~1.71 and SG of 3.57. Here are some pictures.

Weight is 18.175 cts. The color is light but matches some forms of Kyanite as does the specs, and the Clarity is near flawless for such a large stone. I will be doing a conductivity test later this week. Values are not listed on the guide.




The stone is Brazilian by the way.


ok just for reference purposes I did some research. At a VVS (or better) it’s 100% it’s value. They have value of solid blue kyanite. This is Brazilian so it is blue-green kyanite. Assuming it is on par. They have data that states 1ct $75 per carrat 3ct is $86 per carrat and 5ct is $101. Now obviously the differential is progressive. I assumed the last differential as consistent as it would progressivly likely gain a few dollars per carrat per 2ct. That being said at plus $15 per carrat per an increase of 2cts. At 18.125ct the price would approximately be $212.50 a carrat conservatively.(like I said not adding the few dollars exponentially) The price wuld be ~$3,800 - $4,000. Which my initial estimate was $3000 to $5000. So I was damn close.


You could be right, but for many of the lesser known and less rare (compared to tsavorite and the big three) species, the price per carat does not increase over ten carats. I see a 10 ct kyanite or two for about $85/ct for sale on the internet, so at that per carat price, it would be about $1600. Then as far as value is concerned, are you talking replacement value (retail) or what you could get for it. Generally everybody but a jeweler is buying retail and selling wholesale. That said, I can’t say for sure that your valuation with escalating per carat price is not right for kyanite, so maybe.

Certainly a very pretty stone for a pendant. Hardness of kyanite is directional and 4 to 4.5 along the long axis of the crystal and 6 to 7 perpendicular. Easily scratched.

Congrats on a nice find, tho’.


just for a point of view, I have never seen Kyanite that colour before?? it is generally a lot darker blue


Hi Syd, Brazillian Kyanite is blue green(invited to search for it) rarely is it actually translucent and extremely rare.

Just a mention it is for sale now in forum. Full verified <5 moh across & 7.5 moh.

I’m new to selling I just get the feeling anything priced in the thousands no matter how rare has an unlikiness to sell regardless of what most want you to believe.


Kynite is not expensive stone…
Wr have them i stock more blue
Good qualiyy 5$ and less per carat

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