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Pricing info


is there anyone who can guide about the price of a 2400 carat rough kashmir sapphire. it is certified.


Hi any info


The IGS doesn’t have price guides for rough sapphires. The prices we have in the Price Guide are for faceted pieces.

If you’re thinking of purchasing rough to cut, you’ll have to estimate how many and what size finished sapphires you can cut from that piece and how much you could sell them for in order to see if the price of the rough is right for you.

If you’re looking for advice on pricing the rough to sell, perhaps some members with experience in this field could give their opinions. Anyone?




Have you seen this stone? With that weight it is more likely to be a chunk of corundum, and not worth much.
Sapphires are all corundum, but not all corundum is classed a sapphire. It has to be gem quality to be a sapphire.


Hi thanks for responding on my question. Actually this is in my hand. I owe it. And this is certified. I am also going for GIA certification for this stone. I actually don’t have any idea of its pricing, i am asking $1000 per carat. Any suggestion from you will be appreciated.


So if you have it post some photo’ s would be good thanks