Price Of Citrine

Hello Everyone! Can someone help put a price to this 256g of Citrine from Nigeria? I need to make an offer

It’s very difficult to price rough. I see a retail of about $5 to $6/ct for a deep brown toned citrine cut stone on the Net. The color of yours is less deep and brownish from what I can see, but it may be different in person. The rough is too thin to cut one stone, but that doesn’t make much difference, as the stone would be too large for most purposes anyway and citrine doesn’t increase in value with size as some rarer stones do. Given the color I can see I’d call it $4/ct as a cut stone and work backwards from there. I am assuming it is fracture free and pretty much flawless internally. Cost of the rough for a $4/ct cut stone is usually taken as $4/gm, although a clever cutter can do better that the 20% yield this assumes. IDK where in the supply chain you are…if you will cut this to sell, you’d like to give less than $1/gm to get some good profit from it. Working from the retail price of the cut stone, you can figure what you have to have for your labor, etc.

If you cut this into 10 pieces and cut each into a 25 ct stone, you might get $100 per stone at retail or $35 to $50 at wholesale. If you are having this cut for you at $1.50/ct, this doesn’t leave you much margin. I’d try to get it at $0.50/gm. This stuff just doesn’t sell for much, I’d probably look for more expensive rough to spend my money on. Just my opinion.

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Thank you very much for a detailed analysis. It’s being offered at next to nothing that’s why I considered it. I’ll give it a shot and give a feedback on how it goes.