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Price of a 50ct Ruby?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if someone can give me an idea what a natural translucent double cabochon red ruby that is significantly heated might be worth?
Thank you

My price guide gives a range of $35 to $5000/ct for a ruby cab of about 5-8 cts, but a 50 ct ruby could be more per carat. I’d guess it is worth whatever you paid for it, if you bought it. The actual price would depend on the color and degree of translucence, presence of inclusions, cracks, degree of polish, etc. On Gem Rock auctions today I see a 37 ct of nice color and lacking inclusions that’s $5000 and a 55 ct with lots of banding that’s $200. A picture might help…of course, you’d have to be sure it wasn’t synthetic.

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