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Prehnite cutting with oil?

I am slabbing a large piece of Prehnite.

Can I use a saw with mineral oil or not?

Still having troubles with this question. How about a more general question of what rocks, gemstones can’t be cut with a blade using oil?

I believe turquoise is one of these? True or False?

This is probably the way to go
Lapidary Forum

Yes. Still not sure about which rocks can’t be cut with oil.

Also, my 30" saw keeps stopping, won’t hold onto the spindle. Have tightened and loosened screws and allen wrench spots. All else looks in good condition as the saw is fairly new. When it works it’s like a workhorse running all day, but when it’ gets stuck… had a local lapidary friend come and he adjusted it and showed me how to fix the problem, after one cut, petrified wood, it quit again. So am frustrated.