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Practical Exam

Any tips on the practical exam , i feel confident, just asking .

Use all the instruments available, microscope is gemologist best friend.

Thanks , took my time with it and got 100% my first try !!! Im new to gemology but now im hooked. Ive been prospecting and faceting for around 10 years but never ever thought i would become a Gemologist .


I have been dealing with gemstone for some 40 years rough and cut and I could tell any type of gemstone just by looking at it.
Well that’s what I thought until I did my gemmology diploma :smiley:

Congrats on diving in!
I’ve retired from 3 full time careers now and I’m going to dive in also. My last retirement was not my idea though. I ended up breaking my neck and that was the last straw. After all of the back and neck surgeries my total cost out of pocket ended up behind $3milliom and it wiped me out! Gotta love the insurance I had with the nice firm I was with. None as soon as I had my first surgery! Now I’m changing my career to something I truly love and only did for fun. I had forgotten how much the tools and books can end up costing when on a budget. I have decided to get the best I can afford before jumping in and going for the brass ring on the caroselle. Yes I did get a kick butt microscope the other day.
I have a new high end boutique in our small town to sell my jewelry that I have made up to help with my tool costs at long last that does not take 50% of the sales. Hay, 4% is more like it with $50.00 a month for the display case. I think I will get er done and start a new career.
All the very best!

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Wow… Just very wonderful to kkow about you all. Thanks for sharing your info… I’m absolutely new to the whole thing about gemology.
Im from India and grew up seeing just either black or red rocks… I never imagined that rocks could even be so beautiful as pink, green or anything else for that matter…
But I have been learning the new things and have developed the interest in the same…


Is it imposible to take the practical exame without a microscope?

A microscope isn’t required for the exam, but it’s highly recommended.

Look on eBay. I foun a large selection of new and used at some great prices. I settled on an older used model that I have used in the past from a company that refurbish them. You are best getting a binocular type. It is so much easier on your eyes. Get the best that you can afford and remember that you have other tools that you will need also that you will not want to skimp on. A small hand held can work fairly well also in a pinch.
All the very best.

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Hi, Congratulations! May I ask what instruments you needed to achieve such a result. I’ve had the kit for quite a while.

Yes I am the same with regards to rough! The practical exam is in a league of its own.