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Practical Exam Crystals

Hi, Does anyone have a set of the Gems for the practical exam that I may purchase or borrow. I have had my kit so long I misplaced them and cannot find them anywhere. I asked admin about a replacement kit and said they would get back to me with a quote to ship them but never did. I hadn’t written down the colours of each one and I am needing that. Can anyone assist. Many Thanks everyone.

Hi there! It takes a little longer to respond over the holiday season. Thanks for your patience. You have a fresh email in your inbox. Please let me know via email how you would like to proceed. Happy New Year!

I do have a set of stones for the exam. IF YOU PROMISE NOT TO LOSE THEM AND
thanks, Bill Howard

Hi Editor - thanks for the heads up. could you forward the email to ?
Thanks - Bill Howard

hello baby, this is Ramesh from India , I am a jeweler and gemologist… an alumni of GIA
i did my gemology from IIGJ and i know what happens to students,
i would love to help you out …pls tell me how can i help you… i can send you specimens of almost all stones …and can definitely help you with lot of questions which you may ask , or you may not ask…
but yes i have spent money to procure each and every specimen … all beryl group … corundum , garnets…spodumene… feldspar,diamond, moissanite, CVDs etc etc… you may get them all. after confirmation it may take a weeks time or so …
pls let me know…


Thank you so much for the reply. I have PM you. Thanks Again. Sorry about the late reply I have notifications enabled but I ma not getting them.

So… Adam333, do you need the set or not? I’m kind of cyber naive, what is “PM” ?
Computers are a wonderful, necessary evil and sometimes they don’t notify you

(PM) Private Message (pls check your inbox)

Yes I still need them

If anyone can actually help with this it would be appreciated.

Hello Adam333, as I had written you earlier and you have still not got your set of stones you can write to me if you feel like writing.which stones you are interested in. You can borrow them.

Thank You for responding. The stones I need are the ones for the exam from the IGS. I lost mine and I still need to finish the course. I just thought someone might have a set that they used for the exam that I could borrow to finish the course. Very kind of you to get back to me. Kind Regards

Hi, Thank You for getting back to me. It is the gemstones from the IGS course that I am needing as I lost mine and need to finish the course and thought someone may have a set that they were no longer using as they had finished the course. They are the only crystals I am needing at present, but thank You for responding to the post.

Hi adam333, I wonder if you have got the set of stones.
I had asked you to write me in detail to me @
Because I don’t know what the exam set comprises, I don’t want to make my own.
If you still need them write to me PM.