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Practical Exam Crystals

Hi, Does anyone have a set of the Gems for the practical exam that I may purchase or borrow. I have had my kit so long I misplaced them and cannot find them anywhere. I asked admin about a replacement kit and said they would get back to me with a quote to ship them but never did. I hadn’t written down the colours of each one and I am needing that. Can anyone assist. Many Thanks everyone.

Hi there! It takes a little longer to respond over the holiday season. Thanks for your patience. You have a fresh email in your inbox. Please let me know via email how you would like to proceed. Happy New Year!

I do have a set of stones for the exam. IF YOU PROMISE NOT TO LOSE THEM AND
thanks, Bill Howard

Hi Editor - thanks for the heads up. could you forward the email to ?
Thanks - Bill Howard

hello baby, this is Ramesh from India , I am a jeweler and gemologist… an alumni of GIA
i did my gemology from IIGJ and i know what happens to students,
i would love to help you out …pls tell me how can i help you… i can send you specimens of almost all stones …and can definitely help you with lot of questions which you may ask , or you may not ask…
but yes i have spent money to procure each and every specimen … all beryl group … corundum , garnets…spodumene… feldspar,diamond, moissanite, CVDs etc etc… you may get them all. after confirmation it may take a weeks time or so …
pls let me know…


Thank you so much for the reply. I have PM you. Thanks Again. Sorry about the late reply I have notifications enabled but I ma not getting them.

So… Adam333, do you need the set or not? I’m kind of cyber naive, what is “PM” ?
Computers are a wonderful, necessary evil and sometimes they don’t notify you

(PM) Private Message (pls check your inbox)

Yes I still need them