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Please kindly identify the below gems:

I don’t recommend that you use photos to judge the gemstone species. This is unscientific and the judgment error is very large. If you have basic identification tools around you, it is recommended that you do a preliminary analysis, such as: specific gravity, refractive index…, I believe it will be helpful to distinguish gemstone species.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!


Thank You and Happy New Year to you too.

Both look like sapphire, purely as a helpful guess. One stone in top picture has all the colours of party sapphire. Maybe do a hardness test by scratching some topaz. That will rule out citrine or yellow quartz. The bottom picture has a stone with hexagonal structure and gives me the impression of opaque sapphire with a clue being the mauve blue crystal growing inside one piece. In the top picture I see flat cleavage planes on a number of stones, or more likely how it was formed in flow formation. I’m wondering if they are from a ‘motherlode’? The sapphires where I try to find them have been washed into ancient gravel beds eons ago, so they are water worn. Not very scientific I know, but hope this helps you in your search.

The lower photo shows three stones with a bluish color and rectangular shape. These appear to be Kyanite, and fit the color and shape perfectly. As for the upper photo, I have no idea. Wish I could help more.

Thank you so much for your help. The above is golden yellow Sapphire or olive opal. The below is aquamarine. I have many around my town. Both are available in plenty if anyone is interested.