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Please help identify

Garnet. The first thing that comes to mind.

Thank-you @ rameshB45117
It is not garnet… i did find out what it was…
it is Descilozite

Thanks JennC77839, learning.

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Couldn’t find such stone…

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Slight spelling error, try Descloizite :wink:

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I am also learning
That was a tough one though :nerd_face:

How did you determine the identity?

I didn’t, I’ve no idea what it is, can’t tell from the pictures.
But, I took the letters from…

And rearranged a few letters to spell ‘Decloizite’
I just identified the word, not the stone :wink:

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But still… hiw did you determine it (and ending up with the wrong name)?

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A really old granola bar with crystalized sugar on it! :slight_smile:


I was at a gem and mineral show and happen to come across another specimen just like mine and had the name on it I may have misspelled it when I was typing it in :nerd_face:

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Well, that is the best way to determine material :slight_smile: According to specification the specific gravity is very high, 6.2. So this would be fairly deterministic (if the piece is 100%, and not a lot matrix material).

It is allways good to make sure the label on the show was correct. It wouldn’t be the first time they identified the material wrong themselves…

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I would like to “suggest” Sphalerite. It occurs in the following forms which makes specific identification from the photos difficult: tetrahedral or pseudo-octahedral crystals with rounded face, twins with striated faces as well as botryoidal, granular and cleavage masses. Colors range from red to reddish-brown, yellow, green, black and gray. It is a member of the Sulfides group and has a hardness of 3.5-4. I found the information in Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals by Patti Polk

I can’t make any guarantees as I am somewhat of a newbie myself, but I hope this helps or at least provides another avenue for discussion. Rock On

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LOL. You just ain’t right. LOL. I love it.
Just in case nobody ever told you that, I thought I would.
PS: this is coming from a "just ain’t right " person.

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LOL :nerd_face:
Easy…I had gone to a fossil, gem & mineral show, saw another sample & asked what it was. :wink::purple_heart::four_leaf_clover:
Then i bought the specimen as well! :nerd_face:
However before that I had been asking everyone I know that is knowledgeable on the subject and no one knew or could figure it out. I had been working on that for two months to figure out what it was. :cry: