Please help id gems

I am new at this and have been tumbling fow a short time now and starting to facet. I have a stone I got while in NC and was told it was a ruby
It glows bright red onder uv light and is heavy campared to other stones however when I tested hardness I can scratch it with a 8 but not a 7. Do you think this is a ruby or not.

Also I have this stone and have no idea what it is also found in NC and it is very hard to scratch with a 9 both colors.

Both stones have been tumbled on step 1.

Thank you

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Do an SG test on both of these. However, neither looks like anything special. I’d look for some decent faceting rough and occupy myself with that. -royjohn


thank you. I was not going to facet these i am trying Quartz I will continue to tumble these and see what comes out. I just did not think the red one could be ruby as was told because its not hard enough.

Thank You for your input

Reminds me of of a couple of beryl I’m working on… i think it is at least. lol

Red one looks like ruby. Think I see a hexagonal shape as you’d expect of ruby. Not high quality, tho.

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So could this be ruby as well?


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Red one is definitely a Ruby, I have one just like this, it glows under UV light, not worth a lot, Our local Gem Club shop sells them for about $10-$20
Graeme FGA

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Thank you for your input, hrlps alot

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