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Pink Sapphire?

Need opinions on this pink sapphire

nice but looks too good to be real

Thanks SydP, we’re on the same page. I’ve brought it to a gemologist who couldn’t determine if it was natural or lab. Just trying to decide if I should send it off or not. I know it’s around 70 + years old and I’ve been having it since 1988.

Try putting it with a light under it and using your loop, turn the stone around slowly and look for curved stria. If that doesn’t work try putting it in water over the light and look while it is submerged. You should be able to see crystal growth or curved stria. The trick is getting the light to move along the crystal growth lines and look for angles in the growth. If you see a gradual curve it’s synthetic. If you see angles it’s most likely natural. There are other ways but for this all you need is a flashlight and a loop. Good luck.

A GIA Graduate Gemologist should be able to tell by looking in the stone.

There are inclusions that are seen in natural corundum, and different inclusions seen in lab grown corundum.