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Pink nephrite boulder?

Hello there! I have a client who states that this boulder is jade. Have you encounter this shade before?
Thanks for your input!

It may be jade but it looks a lot like Rhodonite to me


I thought about it at first but this boulder is very pale pink and I didn’t find a Rhodonite this “silky” and smooth looking.

jadeite colours


Thank you SydP. I’ve seen them polished and small but I never seen a boulder. The only boulders I’ve seen are in shades of green

I have seen nephrite in that color. I have also seen rhodocrosite and rodonite that appear the same. I would try a spectroscope or try to get an RI.

This is the Mandalay Jade market I visited in 2015,

and this is the piece I purchased in Mae Sot last year the sliced boulder with mauve pink and green weight is around 2kg I am getting it carved by a friend back in Australia

reminds me of pink thulite