Pink Kunzite

I wondered if anyone could give advice. We have a lovely pink Kunzite, it is 4.53cts. the gem is flawless and the cut is stunning, I keep seeing different price ranges online and on the forum. Can anyone give me an idea of the price? It is weird as I tried Google’s new Gemini feature which connects you to Bard. It’s a new AI which is more sentinent (a bit scary). Wait until you see the prices they gave lol:

Low end:** $5,000 - $10,000: This range assumes a less intense pink color or a slightly imperfect cut.
Mid-range:** $10,000 - $25,000: This range is considered a vibrant pink color and a good cut.
High end:** $25,000+: This range applies to stones with exceptional color saturation, flawless clarity, and an excellent cut, especially if they come from a renowned locality.

Using Chatgpt does not give you anything, I have looked at the prices on here which are about $50 a carat, I’ve gone on different auction sites and now we have no idea. I don’t know how often the IGS updates their pricing.
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Thank you for any of the above
Athena Visage

The only thing i can contribute is what i have paid as a consumer. I got a nice approx 5 carat very pale kunzite (faceted). And paid aprrox. $60 for it. This was from a reputable wholesale seller at a show. I hope this helps.

Daniel B

Kunzite in general has less value that beryls. Spodumene crystal grow to enormous sizes in as many pegmatites.Non gem kunzite crystals the size of large tree trunks and weighing tons are found at the Etta Mine, at Keystone, SD. and at the Harding Pegmatite in Taos County NM… Large kunzite gemstones do not have a value simply commensurate to their size as do many pegmatite gems, only because clear crystals can grow large… More of a collector’s item than a highly prized traditional precious stone… the same applies again in general, for all pegmatite gems. If you think you have something that’s worth 5K or more, then getting it appraised would be worth the cost.

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So I tent to a logical method for pricing and as an appraiser this is the method that most accredited appraisers use. It’s a bit time consuming but I believe it to be an honest method.

Search for Kunzite for sale and look for 3 different wholesales. Then find the gems that best match the description of the gem in question, colour, clarity , cut, location… and any other details that might be impacting the price.

Take the 3 lowest prices and take the cost average.

This is the average replacement cost to Rebuy the stone once it is sold.

If you are using it in a piece of jewellery to sell retail, triple the cost of the stone.

If it cost $10 to buy then it is $30 that you need to add to the cost of the jewellery.

So if the setting cost you $100 plus the stone at $10. They you should be selling the ring for $330.00

The next step is to search Kunzite rings ( or what ever type of jewellery you are making) that best matches the description of the piece and repeat the same process.

This should give you an honest price range to work from.

Every area has its price threshold so keep that in mind as well. Something that will sell fo $10000 in NYC might not sell in Nebraska at the same price. This is where rarity, fashion And socioeconomics come into play

I hope this helps