Petrified wood?

Here is a beautiful piece that iv had cutt finelly and the colors are amazing. I haven’t weighed it yet but thinking it’s petrified wood. Pretty cool looking anyway.

I don’t think it’s petrified wood, the cross sectional image is not showing any of the timber ring structure that would normally be encountered when cutting through petrified wood.

I have been trying to research it my self, and even with all the colors it’s difficult. Before it was cutt it looks like wood layers on outside of stone that is reason why we thought it was, we are doing the weight tonight to narrow it down. I will post after . Thank you for thoughts and knowledge. Here are a couple more photos.

Just got done with gravity test, it came out to 2.64 . With tigers eye at the same I’m starting to lean toward that instead.

I would say that it IS petrified wood. With some localities, such as Saddleback Mtn. in Wa. State, the wood might have some spectacular detail of wood grain, knots, bark and even branches but when the piece is cut through, amazingly, there is no internal wood grain. You still can get some very beautiful internal patterns and sometimes it is just a solid color, depending on the type of wood and minerals around at the time.

My theory is that like wood found in a forest today, if you find a really rotten log, it will have wood grain and knot stubs on the outside but the inside could just be a mush of wood pulp, almost rotten, that you can almost scoop out with your hand. When a log like this is petrified, there would be no wood grain to be preserved because it does not exist internally anymore.

Have to ask, where did the blue come from in the second set of pics?? Reflection of the sky?

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I believe so, I was wondering my self but after further analysis it is behind and above my outline on the reflection of stone. It is an amazing beautiful piece . We cutt 4 and can still get a few more 1/2 in thick I’m thinking. I don’t know what kind of wood , but where I found it the surrounding wood is cotyonwoon ,sugar maple, aspin, willow, some fruit and some others but that is most. Who knows how far it rolled in river, it wasn’t round but edges were smooth over. I’m going to try and find it’s worth and possibly sell some. Thanks, I will post a pic of the rest of big piece so you can see outer edge. Thanks for info.

Here are the outside of stone.

This blue has the color of a beautiful blue apatite, but blue apatite has a different look to it. It does remind of blue apatite though.