Peruvian 20.60Ct Rare Andean Peruvian Blue Opal Rough

I recently purchases this a 20.5 ct piece of blue rough peruvian andean opal It is considered so rare that I’d like your opinion on whether this appears to be rare Andean Peruvian Opal. Pictures attached… My first post. Thank you

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It’s a wonderful colour, but as for rarity, don’t think it’s rare as it is readily available as beads, necklaces and cabochons in Peruvian markets, also comes in blue and pink. Being an igneous material, you don’t get the wild display of colours like sedimentary Australian opal.

Thank you. Do you know how much this sells for…

Hi there Tracy Jarryed here blue Peruvian Opals are rather scares as gem grade material such as your peace they almost never show fire like Australian Opals, but never the less they are sort after they have a wonderful colour and almost silky appearance, They can rang form between one dollar per ct and can go all the way up to $40 per ct to some collectors when the gems are well coloured and with good transparency. Just like any gem there are a few deciding factors that make up the price per ct. I think that your peace is stunning and after it has bin cabbed or cut it will be a remarkable Gem then you should go and Google on (GIA) about the gem it goes up and down in value depending on the fashion world and new trends and availability of the gem as with all gems. Best regards Jarryed.