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Peridot with Rainbow Opal like internal plane?


Please take a look at this gem and let me know if you have ever seen anything like this and maybe suggest how this is possible? It is a tumble polished Peridot nugget and I was hoping someone else had seen something like this before. I was sent two pieces and both have this coloring inside along it’s crystal structure.

Any comments are welcome!


Looks like the link didn’t show up, here is the attachment to the Peridot



I am probably not the most educated in precise terminology however I believe this is as you described a fissure/crack whereby an “oil on water” type phenomenon is being demonstrated possibly due to water or liquid inclusion creating a similar effect to an opal (ie. differential penetration and return of light producing rainbow colours). I have seen this in quite a few mineral specimens and quite often in the quartz family. I don’t believe this would be rare or desirable in peridot unless it was in a specimen in such a way to render it uniquely collectable. The feature would reduce likelihood of successful cutting/faceting as it could cleave along that plane.

I hope the above was of some help.

All the best,