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Pendant Stone Identification

Even after hours of research I am unable to confidently identify the stones of the pendants in these pictures!

Anyone have any insight?!

With appreciation,

I guess its opal not sure either

The first one looks like Labradorite to me.

I can’t tell you what they are,sorry, but i can tell you, the first one ISN’T Labradorite, not even close.

Neither of these are labradorite. Do either exhibit any opalescence or play of color? Or translucency? Top one might just be agate/quartz, though it’s hard to tell what shade of blue it is from this picture. Also, bottom one I’m almost certain is dyed. Can’t think of any purple stones that come like that in matrix or otherwise, and precious opals almost never show any purple, let alone mostly purple. Maybe dyed common opal? Reminds me most of chrysocolla, actually, but dyed. Not honestly sure if that’s a real thing, though. Still pretty.

Ah, just adding that I think the bottom might be purple-dyed azurite/malachite (maybe some chrysocolla in there, too) in matrix. It looks shockingly similar but wrong color. The blue one might be onyx, I suppose, but it’s hard to say.