Pear Gem Diagram

I’m a gemcutter - I’m looking for a gem diagram for a fat pear shape. There are many various standard pear shapes and there are also hearts available that are similar, but none of them are what I’m looking for. I’ve attached an example of the elusive shape to show the proportions I’m seeking. Any help will be much appreciated!

Hello John,
The photo above is a trillion design - not a fat pear. However, if you want to find a design that will work for you, this one came up on a quick search;
I know it says egg, but it is a fat pear.

Also, this checkerboard top will help hide the inclusions better than one with a normal crown ad table.

There may be others on that site that give more options. Personally, I would stay with a trillion design and save more weight, if cutting for resale.
Tim L

Maybe this tsavorite pear photo depicts a bit more clearly what I’m seeking. There is only one point, the rest is somewhat rounded. It is a pear, there is only one point, so not a trillion. The proportions are in line with a trillion, but there is only one point.

Not to be confused with a heart which will have a flat side opposite the point such as this Heart and Soul pattern:

Hello John,
I assume that you’ve looked at, the largest repository of facet designs on the net, and haven’t found what you want. I don’t know how picky you want to be, so you might want to specify the length, width and depth parameters you’r working with, or whether it is just the face up shape you’re looking for somewhere between the two photos you’ve shared.

Further, when I design or select a cut, I’m looking for something for a particular piece of rough, to save weight AND/OR to maximize performance for the particular gem material. Depending on the rough, I might look for maximum brilliance (light return) in the face up position or maximum tilt brilliance. Scintillation could be a goal, as could dispersive fire. With light colored stones, I might want to keep brilliance down to avoid washing out the color. So your wishes in these categories could make a difference. It wouldn’t be all that difficult to design what you want, once the exact shape parameters are arrived at. Then it would be a question of tweaking the design to see if your shape could be optimized for whatever criteria you select. In some cases, “you can’t get there from here,” but you might get close enough. There are certainly other GemCad designers as skilled or more skillful than I who could work on this project. HTH, royjohn

Wow! Thanks, you’ve given me a lot to consider when I set out to cut a stunning gem.

Actually, I’ve seen a few gems of this pear shape and simply have never found a diagram. You nailed it with the face-up shape in the vicinity of the examples I provided.

Yes, I’ve been all through, even the unavailable designs. I’ve purchased all of Graham’s and Van Zant’s books of designs, plus I’ve scoured the interweb - nada. There are some that are close such as the hearts or some other pears, but they just don’t ring the bell for me. I have a copy of GemCad but have not become skilled at design from the ground up, only modifying existing designs (that may be the answer for me here). I’ve also not dug much into the other programs to analyze the design performance. If I stick to a good designer’s work, I typically end up with a fantastic gem. Unfortunately, I’ve simply not found a diagram with this particular pear.

What I’d like to find (or create) is a design that looks a lot like one of the two stones I’ve pictured in this thread - pretty standard faceting with either a traditional style crown or with a checker top.


I think that you could ask a french cutter;" gem forest" on www. I saw a diagram he did which seems to be.