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Parcel Forwarder

Dear friends,

Do u know any parcel forwarder in Qatar or Emirates.

I need it for shipping gems from Iran to other countries

Dhl, TNT, etc are inactive in Iran.
Only national post is active for shipping Gem and it has its side effects.


Stay away from shippit is my advice. Used them once and it was hands down the all round worst experience I have ever had shipping or posting anything to or from anywhere…and it was a one way package with pick up and delivery both inside Australia.

Turned out that DHL has a “special department” that let the whole process down. They absolutely denied having received the parcel, and 28 days later made that acknowledge of receival when all roads lead to them. In the end it was returned to me, one piece was damaged which I didnt bother with as the amount of hours I put in to get shippit support to bother doing anything to find the parcel in the first place…the mention of legal action stirred their nest though.