Painite Values

Are Painite cut stones available in top grades ? If so, are such gems used mostly for jewelry or for collection displays ? What are the values of top grades of these gems ?

Hello Tom,

Painites occur only in Myanmar. The gem industry is currently boycotting this nation due to the Military takeover and the oppression of the general population there. Here in the USA, we cannot import from this nation. It is banned.

For your reading up on these gemstones, in the mean time, please read this article to learn more about this gemstone:

As to jewelry use, yes, this gemstone has a hardness of 8, but it is brittle.

According to this article, the price is very high:

Painite Stone: Its Meaning, Properties & Value.

" The average price per carat for painite is between $50,000 and $60,000."

I hope this helps!
Linda Fitzwater
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Thanks for your reply about Painite. Hopefully the market on Painite will not suffer because of this political/military trouble in Myanmar. Maybe they’ll change the name again.
Tom S. C Dec.6,2023

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Since Orange Painites are mined along with the Red ones, are these are even less numerous than the Red Painite gemstones. Are the Orange Painite gems more rare than Red Painite gems ?
Tom S. C @Dec. 6, 2023

Thanks for your information on Painites.Tom S C