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Oregon sunstone


Thought id introduce myself here. I live and work in Oregon, and started a “hobby” a few years back which has become a little business.

My wife and i mine Oregon Sunstones and have them cut and sell them to jewlers or collectors.

There’s a great article here about Oregon Sunstone if you would like to leaen more.

I have an Etsy store for now, and am building a website at it will lead you to the etsy site for now. I’m willing to meet up if you’re ever in Oregon, and of course would love to hear from you if you have an opportunity for me to help you.

Do you own the mine? I have purchased several Oregon Sunstone for faceting. I am always looking for other places to get my sunstone. At the moment I get my rough through High Desert Gems or Spectrum mine in Plush Oregon. I will check out your etsy and website and someday I do plan on coming out there to mine my own.

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Hi, thanks for asking. I don’t own the mine, but i do have close alliances with one in particular which allows me to offer good prices and excellent quality pieces. Mostly i sell cut stones, but may be able to offer rough as well. I’m going to be at the mine this weekend. Please feel free to send me email at or through this service.

Thank you sir