Oregon Sunstone or Serenite?

I was told by a friend that I need to acquire some of a new gemstone, Serenite, for my collection before the price rockets. However, I have searched the web but could only find reference at www.gemcollector.com or click directly HERE. Is this a genuine name for this stone or is it simply Oregon Sunstone or Feldspar being marketed by this one company trying to big up the stone and prices.

Thanks for the link. So the answer is that it is Oregon Sunstone, of which I already have a couple of examples, and Gemporia are using the name Serenite as a marketing tool?

IGS it may be worth cross-referencing this name in the database here to point people in the right direction: Gemporia are a big company and the name may stick.

The name could stick. We think it is a name trademarked by Gemporia. We suspect that this is the very clear, quite lightly coloured Sunstone that has been stockpiled by the mine owners. I read an article on GIA about the Oregon production and we put two and two together.
Gemporia recently said on television that they have done a deal with someone, for their remaining stock and wont be putting any more of it in jewellery.
Yes, we did buy some from Gemporia and have been very happy with it. Tiffany marketed this stuff many years ago as “Plush” diamond, after the place it came from in Oregon.
We like the sunstone that exhibits brilliance with some schiller.

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Gemporia is currently selling quite a bit of both serenite and Plush diamond… in case anyone is interested. I’ve yet to try either of these, but am tempted to do so just to see how compare with more well-known pale stones.

That is NOT Oregon Sunstone. Andelusite is a cheap copy put out by the Chinese to mimick the sunstone. True Oregon Sunstone has copper platelets inside of the feldspar crystal that gives it the colors and character only found in stone found in this single region of Oregon. It is the only place in the world these can be found. They can be clear, green, blue, red, champagne or have copper schiller, which give the stone a dazzling copper shine to it when oriented just right in sunlight.