Orangish Pink (Padparadscha Color) Spinel for Sale

Natural Orangish Pink Spinel 3.19cts

:white_check_mark: FEATURES:

:heavy_check_mark: Oval Shape
:heavy_check_mark: Untreated Beauty
:heavy_check_mark: Physical Energy Boost
:heavy_check_mark: Mental Stamina Boost
:heavy_check_mark: Unique and Rare Color

:white_check_mark: SPECIFICATIONS:

:heavy_check_mark: Item Type: Gemstones
:heavy_check_mark: Stone: Natural Orangish Pink Spinel
:heavy_check_mark: Weight: 3.19 Carats
:heavy_check_mark: Color: Pink
:heavy_check_mark: Shape: Cushion
:heavy_check_mark: Clarity - Loupe Clean
:heavy_check_mark: Treatments: None - Untreated
:heavy_check_mark: Certificate: Available

Price $650

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