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**OPPORTUNITY** New Consulting Group

Hello fellow gem enthusiasts! I am interested in developing a consulting group that would be able to properly identify, assess, and valuate the potential gem, carving, or material found within rough.

I’m own and operate a small appraisal business out of St. Louis, Missouri. Over the past several years I have had people reach out to me about appraising their rough. Most of the time this is something that they have unearthed themselves or purchased abroad. I receive these calls quite consistently and no longer wish to turn them away. I do not have the expertise in rough, as a GG I am capable in assessing finished goods and have zero experience in cutting.

I’m interested in developing a group that could be called on to assess rough for cutting, provide valuations on rough, estimate potential yield of finished products from rough, provide expertise on mineral specimen markets, provide expertise in the identification of rough, etcetera.

Is there anyone out there already doing this kind of work? If any are interested, please comment below. Thank you so much for your time.