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Opal value

at what price would you buy this opal?

Item Information

Dimensions (mm) 14.7 x 15.4 x 8.1mm
Weight (carats) 7.6 carats
Treatment * No Treatment
  • Gemstone: Natural Welo Opal (Crown of Prince Cut)
  • Treatment: Untreated / Unheated
  • Color: Bright flash color (Rate 5/5 Top Grade)
  • Origin: Ethiopia

Are you taking bids? ;)))

very pretty

yes no problem

With the info given by you on you’re stone, and using GemVal appraisal tools, they show that the stone could be valued around $2,000 USD. This value is for a
“Regular Cabochon”. They do not show any value estimates for faceted Opals.
It is worth having it professionally appraised & certified.

Based only on what I can see from the picture there may be a honeycomb present. The body color is difficult to see making it difficult to determine an “N” value. Without movement it is impossible to tell color play however strong reds, yellows, and oranges are present. The cut of what I can see is very nice. Without the above information it could be a “fake” but I can’t be sure. If real and the other criteria are in play with an “N” value of 5 and it truly being a 5/5 I would say between $45-$55 a Carat.

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Actually I would not buy an Ethiopian opal. They have a reputation, not all, but many, to be sensitive to water. Get wet, color disappears. Very porous. Fragile.

Well you shouldn’t bath them! :laughing: :laughing: :smiley: I have almost 200 and no problems yet!
God Bless,

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